Beginner Classes

Beginner classes are offered to all ages and abilities. If you have been interested in learning parkour / freerunning then this is the best place to get started improving your abilities. 

In this class we will go over the basics of the sport and cover crucial information such as safety, mindset and progressions to more difficult skills.

These fundamental classes are offered:

Tuesday: 9:00 am / 10:00 am
Wednesday: 9:30 am
Thursday:  9:00 am / 10:00 am
the collective movements parkour training fitness class

Teen Parkour

This class is perfect for any teen (13+) looking to get into the sport. Whether you have some experience in the sport or you are just looking to try it out teen parkour is a great place to learn and grow around peers.

This class is offered:

Monday: 10:00 am

Teen parkour for all ages in the park pk

Advanced Classes

If you are already experienced in parkour then this might be the class for you. This class is invite only so be sure to confirm that you have spoken with Dillon before attending. We would love to see you there.

This class is offered:

Friday: 10:00 am

After School Program

This program is offered:

Monday: 4pm / 5pm / 6pm

Tuesday: 4pm / 5pm / 6pm

Wednesday: 4pm / 5pm / 6pm

Thursday: 4pm / 5pm / 6pm

Friday: 4pm / 5pm / 6pm

Homeschool Program

This program is offered:

Monday: 9am / 10am

Tuesday: 9am / 10am

Wednesday: 9am / 10am

Thursday: 9am / 10am

Friday: 9am / 10am


Step #1

Step #2

Call the facility and request to sign up for The Collective Movement program and fill out our waiver.

Step #3

Attend your class!


Our classes are offered at 9am – 10am / 10am – 11am Monday – Friday

Our classes are offered at $70 per month.

Each class runs about an hour.

All that you will need is lots of water, some form of athletic gear such as shorts or sweatpants, closed toes shoes, and most importantly – a positive hard working attitude! 

There are a few reasons why you should join The Collective Movements (TCM)
  1. Because we are continually furthering ourselves as athletes and as coaches to be the best we can be.
  2. We teach parkour outdoors where you will learn to use the skills you are taught in a practical manner – this means that in any situation you or your child will be able to ADAPT to your environment.
We teach Jumping, climbing, rolling, falling, flipping, vaulting, running, flexibility, strength and conditioning, hand eye coordination, and discipline.
For anything we do in life there is a danger, we would be lying if we said parkour WASN’T dangerous. We don’t start by doing the hardest things we can possibly do. We start at the basics and slowly grow to more difficult skills at the child’s pace. Parkour can be safe if taught well, but when you get to a high enough level it just comes down to how much practice and time you put into it.

Our class waiver is located right here.


Dillon does an amazing job. My three started a few months ago at different abilities and levels of caution. He consistently meets each one at his or her level, modifying the activity or degree of supervision as necessary. They all enjoy it and I’ve seen improvements in kinesthetic awareness and confidence in them all.

 —   Brandy

 Dillon has a great enthusiasm for the kids and sharing his love of parkour with them. In the years in his class, my kids have really grown in their physical awareness – understanding their bodily strengths and weaknesses – looking to challenge themselves and applying what they’ve learned in real life. Plus they get a good workout!

 —  Danielle


5201 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Customers MUST email us to register for class at this location:


1137 Bryn Mawr Ave, Redlands CA 92374


5201 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Location is for Homeschool only (Customers MUST email to register for class at this location)


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