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What Do We Do?

Collective Movements offers “Ninja Style” classes such as: Parkour, Freerunning and Break Dancing.

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Who Do We Train?

We specialize in training kids as young as 6 all the way up to adults!

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Why Do We Train?

Obstacle Course training can provide higher self esteem, strength, balance, body awareness, faster reflexes, focus, and coordination!

Our Mission

Our mission is to always strive for progress over perfection, always being better today than we were yesterday.

We continually further our education for coaching, and as athletes ourselves one of our mottos is “We wouldn’t make a student do something that we personally haven’t done before.” We as coaches work just as hard outside the class so when we come to class we can be as authentic as possible in practicing what we preach. We aren’t just coaching, we are also doing, and we believe that is what separates us from others.

Why It Matters

Every obstacle is a challenge, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth. At the end of the day it is growth that matters most, as an athlete, and as a human.

The Collective Movements is the study of overcoming these challenges with our mind and body. Through this medium we can improve all aspects of our lives and grow to be a better person today then we were the day before.



Our classes are offered at 9am – 10am / 10am – 11am Monday – Friday

Each class runs about an hour.

All that you will need is lots of water, some form of athletic gear such as shorts or sweatpants, closed toes shoes, and most importantly – a positive hard working attitude! 

There are a few reasons why you should join The Collective Movements (TCM)
  1. Because we are continually furthering ourselves as athletes and as coaches to be the best we can be.
  2. We teach parkour outdoors where you will learn to use the skills you are taught in a practical manner – this means that in any situation you or your child will be able to ADAPT to your environment.
We teach Jumping, climbing, rolling, falling, flipping, vaulting, running, flexibility, strength and conditioning, hand eye coordination, and discipline.
For anything we do in life there is a danger, we would be lying if we said parkour WASN’T dangerous. We don’t start by doing the hardest things we can possibly do. We start at the basics and slowly grow to more difficult skills at the child’s pace. Parkour can be safe if taught well, but when you get to a high enough level it just comes down to how much practice and time you put into it.

Our class waiver is located on IClassPro. Please create an account to be directed to our waiver.


Our Location

5201 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Customers MUST email us to register for class at this location:


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