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Itty Bitty Jumpers

This class is the perfect place for kids with too much energy. Here our youngest students can get started in parkour and learn in a safe and structured environment.

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Parkour Fundamentals

Parkour fundamental classes are offered to all ages and abilities. If you have been interested in learning parkour / freerunning then this is the best place to get started improving your abilities.

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Advanced Classes

If you are already experienced in parkour then this might be the class for you. This class is invite only so be sure to confirm that you have spoken with a coach before attending.


At The Collective Movements we support athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds. We want to help you learn to do the incredible and overcome the obstacles and challenges in your path. Get started and let us show you how you can learn to do the impossible

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Have you ever wanted to move like a ninja? This is the perfect place to test your limits grow and find what you can do. At The Collective Movements we will help you uncover your true potential in a safe and fun environment. Join us and you can expect:


Our mission is to always strive for progress over perfection, always being better today than we were yesterday.
We continually further our education for coaching, and as athletes ourselves one of our mottos is “we wouldn’t make a student do something that we personally haven’t done before.” We as coaches work just as hard outside the class, so when we come to class we can be as authentic as possible and practice what we preach. We aren’t just coaching, we are also doing and we believe that is what separates us from others. 

“I was the type of kid who would run around outside jumping over tables and walls because I wanted to be a ninja, little did I know that my future would be teaching kids how to be the ninja I always wanted to be! I fell in love with Parkour in high school and instantly knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It’s my passion to share my unique set of skills and knowledge with athletes of all ages.”

– Dillon Taitano, Head Coach/Founder

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Dillon does an amazing job. My three started a few months ago at different abilities and levels of caution. He consistently meets each one at his or her level, modifying the activity or degree of supervision as necessary. They all enjoy it and I’ve seen improvements in kinesthetic awareness and confidence in them all.

 —  Brandy

Dillon has a great enthusiasm for the kids and sharing his love of parkour with them. In the years in his class, my kids have really grown in their physical awareness – understanding their bodily strengths and weaknesses – looking to challenge themselves and applying what they’ve learned in real life. Plus they get a good workout!

 —  Danielle

I have 4 kids who have been doing parkour for several years now, 3 who are in advance class and 2 on the competitive team. Coach Dillon provides an environment where the kids are encouraged, taught respect, are appropriately challenged and are supportive mentally and physically. He is great at communication with his students and parents. We are very pleased with this program.

 — Julia

Signing my children up with TCM was by far the best decision I have made. My two children have experienced so much personal growth by having Dillon as their coach. Dillon has encouraged them to stay motivated and to not give up when faced with difficult tasks/maneuvers. I have witnessed my children work hard and continue to be proud of their accomplishments not just in parkour but actually has rolled into their everyday life. Dillon’s influence has motivated my children to overcome obstacles in all things. I will continue to shout my praises to Dillon and his amazing techniques and patience in working with my children. Thank you!

 —  Brandi


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